More than just making your neighbors jealous, a beautifully landscaped yard can maximize your outdoor living space and make your house feel like a home. Softscaping can include, flowers, plants, shrubs, trees, flower beds, etc.

Softscaping Done Right! Check out our Design Process.


We can work with you to develop a Professional softscape plan that caters to your desires, preferences, and budget.  We can start with a new design, or one of the most popular ways to improve the appearance of your property is to renovate your existing landscaping.  Whether it is through re-defining bed lines, properly pruned existing planting material, or full removal of plantings and replacement of entire landscape.  Either way our professional installers can provide all of your installation needs.  See our “Design Process” Tab to see how you can get started.

Our Softscaping Plans Include:
Flowering Plantings
Flowering Shrubs & Trees
Colorful Annuals

Softscaping goes hand in hand with Hardscaping.  When your hardscaping is finished, its often time to add the living part of the landscape, which is the softscape.  These living features may be permanent plants such as shrubs & evergreens, or they may just last for a season like perennial flowers.  As with the seasons, Softscaping is fun because it can always be changing to fit the season and vision of the homeowner.

With Horizon Landscapes on the job, you may set aside worries about what grows in your soil types and location, and where to plan the delicate flowering plants.  Allow us to free you for the more important jobs, like sitting on the porch and enjoying the view.