Landscaping Projects

Just a Glimpse what Landscaping Projects we can do for you!

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Serving Northern Indiana since 2006, our previous project list continues to grow each year.  More people trust Horizon Landscapes due to our professionalism, quality, and ability to produce the best looking landscaping projects starting from the imagination and finalizing into your backyard.

Call us to ask for a free consultation, and begin planning your dream Landscaping Projects.

The sooner you contact us the better. Our cad design service is quite popular, even more so during our peak times of spring, summer, and fall.

For any new construction project, an initial design appointment about the time frame and goals we can assist in guiding you in a variety of ways to meet your Landscaping Projects design options, and depending on the situation, may lead to cost savings.

When could you install my project?

This is a good question.  We are always anxious to see the finished Landscaping Project, but with any type of construction, the factors which are involved make it nearly impossible to commit to a defined  date.  Schedules may be affected by weather, the availability of materials, or even individual customer concerns.  We always do well at sticking to the approximate time frames for project installation at the time of signing up.