Water Features

Horizon Landscapes is the landscaping company to call for Landscaping Waterfalls and Streams.   Be it you want a pondless waterfall, pondless stream,  or any combination your property can fit,  Horizon Landscapes does Landscaping Waterfalls and Streams right.


Landscape Waterfalls and Streams, compliment any backyard. From its soothing water sounds on quite nights, to watching your favorite birds visit more frequently, a landscaping waterfall or stream is a great addition.

We have all stopped at one time or another to gaze and listen to a rippling brook or waterfall.  Soaking up the serenity that nature provides.  Since not often can you drive or hike to a tranquil wilderness setting after a long day,  have one added to your backyard by Horizon Landscapes!

We design our streams and waterfalls to require minimal filtering and cleaning.  The trick to low maintenance is have nature do the work, via layers of gravel and stone, to filter water. Among other natural features, we’ll help you plan the ideal location and size which fits your ideal setup.

A few shared ideas:

Waterfalls should be visible from your favorite spot, whether it be from the deck, patio or from inside on the sofa.

Many times its is requested to build streams or falls to be near bedroom windows, for well you know, soothing sleep assistance.  If ever too loud, the pumps may be shut off.

Since water evaporates quickly in the summer time, also consider placement to where a hose or method to refill besides rainwater may be done.