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We specialize in hardscaping design and construction for any hardscape construction project you may desire.  Whether it be from a walkway to a whole backyard oasis we got you covered.

We can work with you to develop a Professional hardscaping plan that caters to your desires, preferences, and budget.  We can start with a new design, or one of the most popular ways to improve the appearance of your property is to renovate your existing landscaping.  Our professional installers can provide all of your installation needs.  See our “Design Process” Tab to see how you can get started.

Hardscaping Example

Our hardscaping services include:
-Retaining Walls
-Seat walls
-Fire pits
-Endless Possibilities


Hardscaping goes hand in hand with softscaping.  But is more about the “brick and mortar” of landscaping, Where softscaping is the living and breathing flora of your landscape, hardscaping done well will prevent water absorption, and protects the soil from erosion, which even with normal Indiana rainfall can cause difficulty for many softscaping landscape projects.

With most softscaping projects, Hardscaping visually strikes the balance with structural elements, and can also help carve out the space for your next garden via stonework, lattices, gates and help define the space or provide the privacy wanted for your next project.